Custom Handmade Soap Arrivals

As promised, we here at Cama Scents 'N' Such are proud to announce our newest addition of Custom Handmade Soap.  This has been a chore in that we have been testing oils of all types and trying to ensure great conditioning, cleansing, bubbly and creamy additives, as well as maintaining  that our customers get a nice long lasting hard great scented bar of soap.  We don't take this task lightly.  We aim to deliver.  I've had the great honor to be allowed to apprentice with several wonderful soapers and instructors for the past month for swirling.  Have been soaping for about a year and a half now and  i'm told again and again that Testing is Key.   Learned great tips and methods via (BLOGS): Amanda, Moya, Ladybug Botanicals, and of course YouTube.  From this noted advice we here in our shop have come up with a few that will wow your body and mind. Will be posting a list of scents as well.

  For the Holidays:  Ruby Red Grapefruit, a citrus that will linger long after you shower, the color used is a Lake color #7 Red from TBK.  I personally think it's a keeper all year long.

Next up is a wonderful clean spa like scent Verbena Blossom.  Fresh and invigorating. Used TBK Teal Green liquid color and a french green clay swirled in layers. This will leave your skin feeling priceless.

Hold on this is an outstanding wild bar for you guys.  It is Desert Moss.  The colors here are a bit intriguing.  A little southwest aztec desert thing going on.  A great shaving bar that you will not be able to resist on the skin as well as the body.  You guys need a little pampering too. Colors used here are natural Parsley Powder, and Antique Copper Micas.

There is more.  I got started and just lost it.  Now for all the Lavender Lovers you will be thrilled with the fragrance and color swirl going on.  Used TBK Ultramarine Pink and Violet color along with Bentonite and Kaolin clay and a spoon method swirl was done.  Fantastic.  I think i'm calling this our dessert collection, it looks good enough to eat. Check out full batch before it was cut on Moya blog.  She was my photographer and tutor.

Finally our signature fragrance Indian Flower is a must for everyone to try.  Creamy, conditioning, sophisticated and will leave you mesmerized.   It has a natural look with wonderful herbs and moisturizing exotic oils, our team here at Cama Scents have delivered on this one and hope you will give it a try. 

Not all soaps will be swirled all the time, but periodically we will play and peak your interest, so stay tuned (for additional scented soap posting), and by all means email and place your order so we may
Fragrance Your Life ...Triple scented

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