We, here at Cama Scents 'N' Such, hope that you will SHOP Small, SHOP Local and SHOP Smart by supporting all of our local businesses in Dallas, Texas and in other cities of the U.S.

We have some treats for you this season. Starting, we have fabulous Stocking Stuffers--small, handmade, gift-boxed, 3.4 ounce candles in various scents. We will name some of the fragrances, and inquiries for additional ones are permitted. To name a few: Diva, Juicy Couture, Angel, Country clothesline, Kumquat, Eternity, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Amber Romance, LMAO (The Lick), Cake Bake, Sex On The Beach, Citrus Grove, & last but not least, our newest scent: (HE SUITS ME JUST FINE)  Masculine and Sexy. We have limited amounts of each fragrance, so please inquire so that we will be able to serve you.

We thank you for all of your support!

Gift Boxed Candles are $8.00 ea. 

Our handmade boxes of Potpourri Sachets are our next treat that are designed to scent intimate areas of your home, car, office, drawer, closet, etc. Place them where you wish and enjoy.

*Please keep in mind: if removed from sachet box, your furniture needs to be protected due to the scented oils.
*We have a vast array of scents. Please ask about them. A few would be Chica, Cranberry Tea, Baby Powder.

Potpourri Sachets

Boxed Sachets $5.00 ea.
$5./$20.00 Mix & Match

Scandal Candles
Our Scandalous Candle Collection is quite intriguing.  These boxes are one of a kind and was designed and handmade by Yours Truly, CEO of Cama Scents 'N' Such, Minnie Daniel.  Be it (Standing in the Sun, Wearing the white Hat, Gladiators in Suits, B-613, The Fixer, Hello Mr. President, Whiskey Tango & Foxtrot, See me now...Use me, Wine & Cardigans and at this point we'll put Genie back into the bottle and Shut It Down).  I'm sure you can tell by now, I'm a scandal fan.  The fragrances for these candles will surprise all.  Please take the journey.  We won't disappoint.   All 11 ounce candles will appear in one of these boxes.  Limited Edition.
Not wearing any Nudes as Ms. Pope does. 

All Scandalous Holiday Gift

Handmade Boxed 11oz Candles
$25.00 each

We should have captured your attention by now but there is more to come.  We have Burning Oils that will be added to our line as well as Linen/Room Sprays.  Please inquire and they will be part of the $5.00 potpourri sachet Mix & Match deal--a really good collection for those who truly love Scent.  Fun & Affordable Stocking Stuffers.

For those of you that have purchased our regular size Scented Wax Bowls, we now have a collection of Minature Wax Bowls that are filled with scented potpourri that can be displayed throughout the home and makes a lovely gift also.   We have taken the liberty to add small tips underneath bowls to help protect furniture from scented oils, but you may also add extra protection for you comfort.
Packaged Kumquat Mini Wax Bowl
                 Large Cranberry Tea Bowl $30.00            
Scented Unwrapped Mini Wax Bowls
For your pleasure we hope you are truly getting into the Spirit of Christmas.  We will do custom orders at your request, and we do lotion, soaps, scrubs, Serum, Facial Mask, Body Butter & Body Mists.  Please inquire.   Take a peek below at some of our wonderful product.

                                                             Custom Gift Set                                                        

Soaps packaged.  This is Blanc (White) Figue  $6.50 ea.

                                                Pillar Candle Juicy Couture (Type)
                                        Pillar Candle Eucalyptus Spearmint


                                                                      Body Butter

                                          Candles Galore  

As we countdown to Christmas, Let us give thanks to all.  Be a blessing and or show a kindness to someone else and make their day.  Not just during this season but continuously.   We thank you for the blessings of allowing us to Fragrance Your Life...Triple Scented.  Have a Safe and Wonderful Holiday Season and A Fabulous Scented New Year.  Blessings

Contact us
Trina: trinataylor1@yahoo.com


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